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If you happen to live on a hillside, this information is for you

Since the start of rainy season I have noticed many hillsides tarped off in our county. This is not a good sign as it is usually a last resort to cover the ground with tarps to prevent it from absorbing more water … Continue Reading »

Writing an estimate – contract, and how to protect yourself and your client

How my estimate – contract is constructed and executed will give both the owner and contractor a degree of safety and security. This builds TRUST, the foundation, of all client professional relationships. Never give any professional more than 10% to start a … Continue Reading »

Which contractor should I choose? Why your choice is so important.

The contractor you choose should be skilled in ALL building trades. This opens the door for on – the – spot changes in finish design.  Why should my contractor be experienced in Drywall, Stucco, Plaster, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Landscape … Continue Reading »

Kitchens and Baths

Why are high quality Kitchens and Baths so darn expensive to remodel. It seams like many of my clients underestimate the potential costs involved in these particular projects. What is going on ? Per square foot baths are most expensive followed by … Continue Reading »

Quality components and Fixtures

More than just looks; Your home remodel will look no better than the quality of the parts and fixtures used to construct it and the skilled labor of the professionals you choose to install them. In other words I personally find it … Continue Reading »

Team Building with a Designer Builder

The client and Builder Relationship The most efficient and smooth flowing projects are possible only because of a respectful and communicative relationship between the builder and owner. In the end the contractor provides the Outline – foundation and Guideline – Format that … Continue Reading »

Wild Fires Revisited

California Wildfires Revisited ; Last year I wrote an article regarding the dangers of current wildfire conditions in California. Since then we have had three more of the worst wild fires in history. The Carr fire in Redding the Woolsey fire in … Continue Reading »

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Why it is so important to maintain your roof, gutters and downspouts ; by Dave Mason The first line of protection your home has against the sun, wind and rain is the roof – drain system. The roof system consists of a … Continue Reading »

Fire Safety and Your Home

Dave Mason License # 715338 51 Brookeline Dr Ph. 415-297-1489 Novato, California 94949   Fire Safety Emergency ; What can be done to protect your family and home from a raging wild fire ?           The last … Continue Reading »

Wiring and Electricity on your Own

Most of us are afraid of messing with electricity. It hurts like hell to be shocked and can even kill. But in reality it is easy to turn the electricity off at the main panel, check that it’s off with a tester, … Continue Reading »