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Tips from Marin Home Restoration to Help Homeowners Who Desire to be Handy in the Art of Restoring Their Home

The art of being a home doctor is always – Round, Straight, Plumb, Square,Level, Equal, Sized, Parallel, Pilot Hole, Shimmed,Braced,Caulked, Glued and screwed. What does this mean? What is this guy talking about? If you can remember these basic rules and NEVER … Continue Reading »

Flat Frame for Space Saving

Flat Frame for Space Saving For anyone doing construction whether homeowner or professional builder, there are times when you need just one more inch of space to finish the job.If you are framing for a new room or kitchen, standard 2/4 studs … Continue Reading »

European Showers for that Limited Bathroom Space

Many of us have at one time or another desired a second bathroom with shower. The challenge is where to put it. Often the answer is right under your nose.In my last remodel job on a cabin house in Santa Cruz, the … Continue Reading »

Home Additions: Hidden Spaces Are The Places

Like me, most homeowners desire more space at some point as their family grows. The problem is where to put that new space. Often, your new addition space is right in front of you but you just fail to see it. Attics … Continue Reading »

Digging Post Holes the Easy Way

Tools: big Shop Vac, 6-foot digging bar, and post hole clam shell digger All of us homeowners and handy persons have had to dig the dreaded post hole at one time or another. Holes in the ground are good for many projects … Continue Reading »

Easy Roof Repairs Tips for that Pesky Leak

Many home problems like mildew, staining, wood rotting, warping and settling are caused by roof leaks. Roof leaks can be a challenge to locate and repair. Many leaks go undetected for years and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Roofs come in … Continue Reading »

LED Lighting : The rising Star in Lighting

Today I will share some tips on LED lighting. This new technology will save you two thirds on your average home’s monthly lighting bill, so it’s a topic worth discussing. How It All Started About 10 years ago, I was remodeling a … Continue Reading »

Easy Ways to Restore Rotten Wood

Hello Readers, I have decided to write a blog for my Home Restoration website. Over time I will share many of the tricks I have learned over the last 40 years of being a home remodeler in Mill Valley, CA. Many of … Continue Reading »