06/04/2017 – DEBRA LUM ★★★★★
It turned out beautifully.
Description of Work:
We had a total home restoration.

10/12/2016 ★★★★★
Dave always did what he said he would do.The Crew cleaned up after themselves daily.Dave was personally on site everyday.Dave’s vision greatly improved my land, home and value.
Description of Work:
Majo, steep hillside dirt, and boulder removal. To create more usable land. Dave Mason than built drainage and a impressive Shot Create retaining wall. To this day there is not a crack on the 45′ X 8′ wall. We created a 40′ RV parking pad with full electrical/water/sewer hook ups. Dave than used the removed soil by placing it on the downward slope of the 1/2 acre. Thereby raising it to a usable creation of flat land.
Out door garden lighting was installed. It was beautiful. I am now updating the lights.
Installed recessed Can lights to highlight art work.
Built a corner entertainment center.

09/07/2016 – Greg Christopher ★★★★★

Work was high quality. Lots of nice little details. Plan the work carefully with general to avoid overages. Also make sure placements are marked. More input to design = more personalized. Great working with them Lots of high quality work and suggestions.

08/07/2016 – BENJAMIN CATMULL ★★★★★
Small responsive hardworking crew.
Description of Work:
Converted carriage house and attic into useable spaces with insulated walls, electricity, heating, and lighthing. Backyard landscaping, fences, and lighting. Remodeled laundry room and installed new machines. Some bathroom remodeling. Did some gas and plumbing repairs. Stabilized old sinking chimney.

07/28/2016 – Gerry Goldsholle ★★★★★
Fabulously! Dave and not only listened to us but also did a complete review of our home — we’ve lived here for 20+ years — reporting what he found — and explaining why some of the things we thought were needed were not nearly as complicated or necessary, and pointing out the pros and cons of the alternatives we could consider, and explaining why some things that would have been expensive were not cost-effective or practical.

07/26/2016 – David Weaver ★★★★★
Dave is a very resourceful and creative home restorer. He has a very personable and reassuring manner with his clients and talks through possible outcomes and budgets in a clear and supportive manner. While working he creatively works through obstacles effortlessly and efficiently saving expense and time. His work is high above standards and he is patient with details

07/02/2016 – LINDA LOCKWOOD ★★★★★
I enjoyed working with him. We worked out details together and he had some great suggestions. The result looks beautiful.
Description of Work:
Dave totally took my old bathroom down to the studs and rebuilt it. He did the plumbing, electrical work, tiling and put in a skylight.

06/28/2016 – JOAN BEAVIN ★★★★★
It went really well. The original deck was about 25 feet in the air. I wanted to create a legal second unit. While we did have an architect for part of the design work, Dave did a great job of expanding upon what the architect did to make the unit a wonderful space. He found ways to take advantage of the limited area (about 650 square feet) to make what feels like a roomy, charming home. He also did all of the electrical and plumbing work on the unit.
This is the third major project Dave has done for me, and I would have him back in a heartbeat.
Description of Work:
Built and entire apartment under my deck. A phenomenal job of creativity and construction.

06/28/2016 – THOMAS WILLIS ★★★★★
As a designer using competent contractors is imperative to insure the finished products meets expectation. Dave Mason is just a resource. David performed all electrical and plumbing work related to a difficult kitchen and bath remodel project. The project design was followed with attention to detail and care. The finished results were beautiful and remain so today; a few years afterwards visitors still remark about the transformation achieved.
Description of Work:
Installation of kitchen and half bath remodel per design plan.

06/28/2016 – NICOLAS CHU ★★★★★
It was a pleasure to work with Dave. Friendly, Intelligent, detail-oriented guy with a good crew. We’re able to do a great job with carpentry, plumbing, flooring and electrical projects. I felt good about trust him with my house when I was at work, and he and his crew did a nice job of cleaning up at the end of each day. The job turned out just the way we wanted and within our budget.
Description of Work:
Remodeled entire kitchen, including structural work, installing cabinets, sink, appliances, etc. installed Harwood flooring, Built-in shelving, Installed gas line, installed recessed lighting and other electrical work, Installed vent.