Renowned Home Remodeler and Renovation Contractor in Marin County, CA

David Mason, founder of Marin Home Restorations in Novato, California, has been passionate about home improvement and home remodeling for most of his life. Since the age of 12, he worked with his father and a long line of skilled design repair experts. Throughout his youth, Mason was always by his father’s side soaking up the skills needed for a life in home construction and restoration. You could say it is in his DNA.

Continuing On

After graduating high school, Mason entered college and supported himself by working with local contractors and old timers. These men were willing to share their vast knowledge and experience in all the construction trades with Mason, and he continued to soak up the information.

For more than 35 years, he has blended his skill as a builder with his vision of space planning and design. David’s greatest gift is to visualize in three dimension the finished project, to refine that vision on paper in the form of readable plans. This skill saves his clients the need for costly architectural and engineering services. Over the years, he has had a 100% success rate in plan approval and design exceptance.

Working With Others

When necessary, his relationship with certified local architectural designers completes the planning process. Mason believes that the cost of a project is best kept on budget by efficient planning and execution.

Our Crew

Our team is very passionate about what they do, and all have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their trade. Our relationship is built on a foundation of respect, and we all work well as a team. All our artisans are encouraged to develop their personal skills in all aspects of project creation and evolution.