Honest and Experienced Home Remodeler in Mill Valley, CA

There is nothing quite like an entire home restoration to get the mind of a homeowner spinning with possibilities. At Marin Home Restoration, we know how home restoration can be both confusing and exciting. We understand that being a homeowner is a difficult task but redoing a home can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why our team of experts and home remodeler in Mill Valley, CA have your back. We will set up a meeting with you before ever discussing costs or timetables to figure out what it is that you really want out of a home remodel.

Do you want a few rooms redone? Do you need more structural work for better aesthetics? Are you looking to completely flip your home into a more modern style? No matter what your eventual goal for your home renovation is, at Marin Home Restorations, we can help you get there. All we need from you is a vision that we can turn into a reality.

Your Vision is Our Focus

At Marin Home Restorations, we focus on the customer by allowing them to create their own experience through home restoration. We start with some initial kitchen remodel in Mill Valley to stir the creative palette and then move on to other rooms that you may be looking to renovate. The reason that we start with the kitchen is that it is often the most exciting and confusing room to navigate through home restoration. Many homeowners don’t really know what they want their new kitchen to look like, just that they don’t like their old one. Whether you need some plumbing work along with a makeover or just an entire new look, an experienced home remodeler in Mill Valley, CA will work with you until you have the exact look that you want. Then we will discuss budget, financing and structural options. This way, you can be aware, up front, of what you are looking at price-wise.

Cost is No Concern

Too many of our clients have been through experiences where they were told at the end it would be a much higher price than they estimated. Not only is this dishonest, but we believe it is truly cruel to put a homeowner through that stress. At Marin Home Restorations, we do everything up front and that includes a close approximation of the actual cost of renovation. If you are looking for an honest, experienced home remodeler in Mill Valley, CA, call Marin Home Restorations for a meeting, today!