Construction and Plumbing in Mill Valley, CA

Plumbing is an area of expertise that you want to be installed top notch. At Marin Home Restorations, we employ high tech plumbing techniques that are both safe and innovative. We have extensively trained in this area to allow us to provide a high quality plumbing service. A small mistake in plumbing not only causes a leak, but can cost time and money to repair. That is why our technicians are experts and use the highest quality materials for a price that is affordable to you. If you need a professional plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA, you can always count on us.

Plumbing Systems and Remodeling

With complete Home Restoration Services, there is often a need for plumbing changes in several areas of the home. At Marin Home Restorations, this is no problem for us. We are expert plumbing contractors as well as builders in Mill Valley, CA who will do the necessary plumbing from the kitchen, laundry room to the bathrooms. Plumbing is a field that is not limited to one room of the house, because our plumber is already on the job the project parameters will be already known to us. Less foot traffic is always a plus.

We pride ourselves on doing a thorough, high quality job. Whether you need house re plumbed or you are simply looking to put new fixtures in one room of your home, we can take care of it on the spot. We also offer some of the newest, fashionable designs in fixtures for your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Not only are we the best option for a plumbing building contractor, but we also offer an expert electrical contractor in Mill Valley, CA for your home renovation needs.

So the bottom line we can handle the construction, plumbing and electrical needs of the home owner. This will equate into a simplified project with much less foot traffic.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Customer service is something we take seriously at Marin Home Restorations. We trust our employees to conduct themselves in a manner that is pleasing to our customers and to get the job done with quality and in a timely manner. The owner Dave Mason is personally on all projects most of the time. You will not meet a plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA who has better customer service than at Marin Home Restorations and we hold ourselves to that standard. So if you are doing some home restoration and are in need of a plumbing or electrical contractor in Mill Valley, CA, call Marin Home Restorations, anytime the need arises.