Marin Home Restoration also specializes in Electrical

It is impossible to live without electricity. We use it for many things that we all take for granted, we often forget how incredibly convenient it really is. We use it to see at night and even in the day. We use it to power our appliances, entertainment devices such as cell phones, televisions, music systems and gaming consoles. We use it to heat our water and run our washers and dryers. We even use it to heat or cool our homes.

Electricity does so much for us, that we should do something in return to make sure it is as efficient as possible. At Marin Home Restorations, we pride ourselves on being a top notch Remodel Electrical Contractor in the Bay Area. Electricity is a resource that can be wasted so we use the latest technology in our custom LED lighting and appliances. At Marin Home Restorations, we strive to limit the waste of electricity and promote the best possible usage for it. Today, with some of our new installation methods, we can make a home as energy efficient as humanly possible and comfortable on the eyes.

When you are in need of an Electrical Contractor in San Rafael or Southern Marin give us a call.

Construction and Electric

When you work with us you not only hire a quality builder but a quality electrician. It is advantageous to have a electrician on the job as the project moves forward, as things come up he is there to make the necessary changes and installations. Most home owners prefer to have a small and limited number of persons working in their home. By performing our own electrical and plumbing trades people and foot traffic is limited within the home. This makes for a smooth and efficient remodel project.

LED technology is changing the way we light our homes. LED stands for light admitting diode. When incandescent lights are replaced with LED fixtures the old bulbs that generate heat are gone forever. The lifespan of Diode lighting is around 25 years or more. Think of it never needing to replace a light bulb. Another plus for LED lighting is efficiency. LED lighting uses one third the energy to produce the same amount of light as old fashioned bulbs. If a whole house is retrofitted with new LED lighting the savings are substancial.