LED Lighting : The rising Star in Lighting

Today I will share some tips on LED lighting. This new technology will save you two thirds on your average home’s monthly lighting bill, so it’s a topic worth discussing.

How It All Started
About 10 years ago, I was remodeling a kitchen in Sonoma, CA and I decided to try a new type of HALO LED recessed fixture I had seen at a commercial electric supply. The fixture looked space age and I noticed there was no bulb but a small chip where the light should be. I saw that they used less than a third that of the electricity of incandescent bulb fixtures but gave the same amount of light and lasted 28 years before needing replacement. Hmmm, worth a try if the home owner will agree to allow me to install them for her. Well with my recommendation, the owner agreed that the new lighting was a good idea, so off I went to buy some LED fixtures.

In the new kitchen ceiling, I installed 10 to 12 Halo recessed 5 inch LED light units. After they were up, I flipped the dimmer switch to see the light quality and I was impressed, it was beautiful and warm. The owner liked it as much as I, so all I had to do was get the inspector to sign off the permit and this project would be a success.

But wait, what about the inspection and title 24, and so on? Even 10 years ago, lighting in kitchens was mandated in California to be florescent and energy efficient. But we can all agree that it just looks ugly. So with my nerves on edge I called for the inspection. The next day the inspector arrives and looks at my space age kitchen lighting. He soon asks me what it was and I give him my best sales pitch. But I got his response, “This lighting does not meet modern title 24 energy efficiency for a California kitchen and will need to be changed to florescent.” I wasn’t going to give up! Quickly I gave him the lighting specifications and showed him the UL approval sticker, and he calmed down. Let me go to the office and look up this new lighting and call you back he said. The next day the inspector called and said that the Underwriters Laboratory had stamped and approved the units and that was good enough for him. I have not used a single incandescent bulb in my lighting since! Recent news confirms LED lighting will be mandatory in all new homes in the coming years for obvious reasons.

LED Lighting Comes with Tons of Benefits
With all our home remodeling and restoration services in Marin County, our company only uses LED lighting in all applications. Low cost to operate; no bulbs to change ever. LED lighting comes in replacement bulbs, lighting strips, recessed cans, sconces and fixtures. I like running LED strip lighting under stair rails, railings and under kitchen cabinets.

For do-it-yourself projects, LED lighting comes in many different retrofit forms. In existing fixtures, LED replacement bulbs just screw in as a replacement bulb. Although more difficult, strip lighting can be installed almost anywhere inside or outside the home. Being that strip lighting is 12 volt, the applications are endless.

If you need more information or help with installation, our home remodel contractor in San Rafael, CA is always available. Marin Home Restorations is ready to cater your renovation and remodeling needs.

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