Wiring and Electricity on your Own

Most of us are afraid of messing with electricity. It hurts like hell to be shocked and can even kill. But in reality it is easy to turn the electricity off at the main panel, check that it’s off with a tester, do your work, and only after you are done turn it back on.
A bonus is that wiring is light weight compared to plumbing and construction materials making it easy to move wire around without back stress.
Electricity comes into the house in the form of 240v two phase unlimited amperage.Then it goes thru a 125 amp to 200 amp main circuit breaker. Two legs of 120v each with neutral and ground.Since the phases coming from PGandE are alternating two 120v together [ opposed ] gives you 240v service.
In the main service panel the 240v 125 – 200 amp MAIN breaker services the home thru all the smaller sub breakers. Broken down to 240v smaller breakers for [ dryer, air conditioner and oven ] and 120v breakers for outlets and lights. Outlets are 20 amp 120v, Lights are 15 amp . Air conditioner, Dryer,Stove, Oven,Spas are 30-50 amp 240v .
Start with a simple wiring project and work your way up to more complicated installations. When you get confused turn to You Tube for help. Look up home wiring for timely assistance – Dave

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